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Concerned about something? Don’t worry! We provide 24/7 Customer support and this is easily accessible within the apps.

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Just give the guide a brief understanding of the type of activity/s you would like to do and they will take care of the rest!

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Whether you would like to track your guide or chat with him/her, all options are easily accessible within the app!

Unleash the explorer in you

Guidezie focuses on unique, customized, and informative personalized experiences, full of stories, culture, long lasting relationships, and community. We want you to gain experiences, insights, and perspectives through local culture and first hand experiences.

Are you ready for the Guidezie experience?

No more going through multiple levels of travel agents/agencies in order to get the best experience while traveling. Download the Guidezie apps today and enjoy the convenience of connecting with a tour guide on demand. 

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Just 4 steps, and we take care of the rest



Just set the pickup location, duration that you need the guide for, the type of activies that you would be interested in as well as the number of people traveling with you and we take care of the rest.


The request and details are then forwarded to our extensive list of guides in that city, one of the guides will accept the tour and connect with you for further details.


Once connected with the guide, enjoy the tour and have fun!! 


Payment will be deducted at the end of the trip based on the number of hours spent with the guide. We want you to be happy and we ensure this through our service, please provide ratings for the trip to help us improve the experience.

Meet the crew behind Guidezie!

  • In house travel expert, has travelled to multiple cities over the years collecting many memories along the way. Always on the lookout for adventures.

    Chinmay Behera
    iOS Developer
  • Doesn't miss an opportunity to travel and is very passionate about traveling to places all over the world! He loves animals and wouldn't hurt a fly.

    Jay Desai
    Android Developer
  • Having traveled and toured the Middle East, Jerin has been and continues to go on multiple adventures across India while also building a kickass backend for our product.

    Jerin T K
    Backend Developer
  • Love traveling and dogs, when not traveling you will find me playing music! Have traveled to more than 15 countries gathering knowledge of various cultures along the way. Explore the world and you will find yourself.

    Cherian Sankey
  • Our annual travel expert, once a year he makes it a point to travel and ensures he gets the best out of every trip. Cambodia you're next!

    Vishal Vijaykumar
    Social Media Manager



Who is Guidezie for?

Guidezie can be used by everyone, whether you’re a businessman and you have some spare time or you’re traveling with your family and want the kids to have a great time. 

What is the Guidezie experience

Guidezie is not just another tour guide company. Guidezie is unique in 2 ways: 1. Tours are completely customizable to your needs. and 2. Our main goal is to give you the ‘Guidezie’ experience, showing you unique spots, and sharing history, interesting stories, facts, and stats with you, while building a personal relationship that lasts a lifetime. With Guidezie, you’ll truly become a local-ite!


What we’re looking to do is build a community of travelers looking to gain knowledge to change the world!!! The goal of the Guidezie experience is this: We feel that many issues in the world (racism, hate, discrimination, wars, genocide, to name a few) can be solved or atleast reduced by people traveling, meeting locals, and gaining experiences, insights, and perspectives through local culture and first hand experiences; ultimately, leading to: 1. acknowledgment and sensitivity to others in the world, their ways, and their issues, and 2. a desire to not only help others but also to change the world for the betterment of humans and Mother Earth.

Who are our guides?

Have you ever traveled to a city and wished that you had a local friend to keep you company, well our guides can bridge that gap. Our guides are characterized by the following traits:


  • Experienced; Knowledge of city, its history, and its unique facts, and sights
  • Storyteller
  • Enthusiasm; Passion
  • Adventurous
  • Integrity/Good Person; Down to Earth; Culturally Sensitive
  • Good Interpersonal Skills
  • Engaging; Funny; Entertaining


Our guides go through a rigorous onboarding process. Guides are asked to submit a resume with relevant experience, 2 references, and a proof of ID. If guides meet the necessary requirements here, guides are then interviewed over the phone. If guides pass the phone interview, they are then interviewed in person. If guides pass the in person interview, we contact the guides references for a character assessment and ask guides to pass a criminal background check before we onboard them.


What is the difference between Book Now and Book Later

Choose ‘Book Now’ if you require a guide on the spot, Book Later can be used when making the booking a day or more in advance. Just set a start time and meeting place with your guide through the app messaging service and you’re good to go. Our guides are flexible and ensure your comfort is priority when it comes to customizing the tour. 


Our only request is that you give the guide atleast half an hour to 45 mins to reach you as unlike taxis they aren’t always on the move.

Where is Guidezie available right now?

Guidezie will be available in Dubai, UAE and Melbourne, Australia shortly.

How do I book a guide for multiple days?

If you require a guide for more than one day, book for multiple days and let the guide know when you’d like the tour to ‘start’ and ‘pause’ each day. Your ‘Tour Start Time’ should be the time you want to start on the first day. Your ‘Tour End Time’ should be the time you want your tour to stop on the last day you require the guide. Each day, tour start and pause is flexible and on your schedule. After each day, tour will be paused so you are not charged more than you should be and you will only be charged once tour ‘stops’ on the last day.

What languages do our guides speak


The list of languages that our guides speak is available on our apps and we are constantly trying to add guides that speak languages not on the list in order to ensure that you are comfortable with communicating with them on the tour without any hassles. 

What is the minimum number of hours that I am required to take a tour for?

Travelers must take the tour for atleast 2 hours minimum.

What can the guides recommend while on tour?

Guides can recommend transportation options, restaurants, activities and more while on the tour depending on the travelers budget, but its entirely upto the traveler if they want to take it up. 

How does the pricing work?

There are no hidden costs in our fees. Travelers simply pay the guide for their hourly service.While on tour if the guide pays for certain expenses such as transportation, transportation fuel, transportation insurance, food, drinks, event tickets, etc. then the traveler is to pay for these expenses, on top of the guide hourly fee. Essentially, travelers control not only what they do, but also how much they spend! Note that if you were to purchase a set tour or experience through any tour guide company, these expenses would be built in the price and marked up.


The base hourly rate is applicable upto 2 travellers, additional travelers are 10% more per additional traveler for e.g. if the base hourly rate is $22.50 then 3 travelers would be $24.75 per hour and 4 travelers would be $27 per hour and so on until 7 travelers and fixed at 50% more for any number of travelers after that. The base hourly rate varies based on cities and type of guides(if any).

When do I pay for my tour?

Pay is remitted at the end of the trip. Note that before booking, you are required to submit your credit card. Guidezie currently accepts Amex, Visa and mastercard. We take all precautions to protect your credit card info via our payment gateway partners. We only charge you based on the number of hours spent with the guide.

What happens if there is a technology disruption in our tour?

In case of trip interruption caused by technology problems, please inform the guide who will note the tour start and end time manually, and we will ensure that the payment is as per the hours recorded.

What do I do during a force majeure event?

If you are on tour and a force majeure event occurs and you and your guide decide to stop the tour, you will be charged for tour up until it stops. If you want to put in a claim for a refund, please look at our refund terms or contact us (contact info below). If there is indication that a force majeure event may occur, if may be best to cancel the tour and reschedule. If a trip is canceled due to force majeure, traveler is responsible for purchases made before tour started, we cannot refund. If trip gets stopped or cancelled during tour due to event, traveller is responsible for payment up until the tour stopped. You only begin to get charged when you and Guide agree to start the tour and you will be only be invoiced when you and guide agree to stop the tour. As a result, be aware of conditions before you start and during the tour.

What is the cancellation policy?

  • In case of trip interruption caused by technology problems, please note tour start and end time manually, and we will take care of payment on our end.
  • If guide cancels, you can re-schedule or be referred to another guide. Note that unforeseen circumstances occur and Guidezie may not be able to find you a guide in time so please be aware of this.
  • For the ‘Book Later’ tour, if you make a booking 48 hours before the start time and if you cancel the trip with 24 hours to go, you will be charged $50. If you cancel before this time, there is no charge. If traveler requests tour within 48 hours and cancels tour, charges don’t apply.

How do I apply for a refund?

Text Shortcode

  • You may contact Guidezie at to apply for a refund. Please indicate the reason for the refund request. Guidezie will do its research and due diligence to determine if their should be a full, partial, or no refund. Guidezie understands that unforeseen circumstances and ‘force majeure events’ do arise and these will be taken into consideration for a refund.
  •  Note that Guidezie will only refund you for costs associated with Guide’s hourly fees. If you paid for something before a tour or asked a Guide to pay for something on your behalf and for some reason the tour was cancelled or stopped during the trip, note that Guidezie is not responsible for this expense and Guidezie will not refund you for this.
  •  You only begin to get charged when you and Guide agree to start the tour and you will be only be invoiced when you and guide agree to stop the tour. As a result, be aware of conditions before you start the tour.

Other queries

If you face any issues or need assistance, or want to provide feedback, or just want to talk travel and guiding, feel free to contact us anytime by email: Guidezie is focused on providing the best experience for both guides and travelers. As a result, we will cater our solution to the needs of guides and travelers. We are open to criticism, feedback, and suggestions and we will work around the clock to solve any issues or problems you may face. Note that we are in beta, and testing our app and concept. As a result, you may come across bugs and some operational issues. Please let us know if you face any issues, and we can manually assist you and have you on your way to enjoying your tour! If Guidezie has missed anything in this FAQ, please let us know! We are a startup and bound to miss something with the little man power that we have! Thank you, much appreciated.  



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